Gasice Award Ceremony

On Wednesday 4th of October 2015, the Gaisce bronze and silver awards were given out to all the pupils who took part in the initiative last year.

That evening started out by Sr.Ann greeting the parents and the students at the main entrance. From there the pupils brought their parents up to the B/C link to where the Gaisce ceremony was being held. The ceremony started at roughly 8 o’clock. Ms O’Connor started the ceremony by welcoming the parents and the Gaisce students. Sr.Ann was called up to speak to the parents. Timmi Adesanya and Darrell McCarthy gave a speeches about their time participating in the Gaisce programme. Their speeches told about their experiences & how Gaisce got them involved in new things & helped them to make them make friends with students in their year and with students from other years.

After the speeches all the bronze students who completed the walk were called up to receive their bronze award, then the silver participants were given their award. After the ceremony was finished the parents were invited down to the canteen for refreshments and a slice of cake.

Overall the Gaisce award night was a wonderful and enjoyable experience. Well done to all the students who took part and were rewarded for their great efforts for the night. Thank you to Ms. O Connor for co-ordinating Gasice in the school!

By Darrell McCarthy (5th Year)