6th Year Geography Field Trips to Glendalough

On the 9th and 10th of November the 6th year students, as part of their leaving cert Geography, went on a field study trip to Glendalough.

The trip consisted of measuring the different heights and distances of the steep parts of the mountains using equipment such as clinometers. They also got to admire the view that Glendalough has to offer while taking part in their work. It is a nice way for students to focus on their studies while being relaxed.

The weather on Monday was terrible it was heavily raining and there, was strong winds, but that didn’t stop the 6th year students of St. Aidan’s Community school from getting their work done with such determination and dedication to their subject. All in all the students had a wonderful time enjoying the scenery and doing their work which benefits them physically and mentally.

Thanks to Ms. Sugrue and Ms. Douglas for organising it and to Ms. Murphy for braving the rain to help out!

Ryan Coomber, 6th Year