Student Council Elections

On November the 6th 2015 the student council elections started. Ms Feely held the election. Classes from 1st year to 5th year were called to the hall with their teacher to vote for the person they thought would be suitable for the student council. They were given papers with the candidates name on it. Candidates could vote to. After they voted they were sent back to class.

On November the 9th 2015 the members of the student council was called out on the intercom from 6th year to 1st year in this order:
6th year: Damien Howard, Jimmy Adesanya, Jason Lester, Kayleigh Dennis

5th year: Linda Tansey, Ian Mahany, Jacob Ebenezer

3rd year: D’Angelo Olomide, Stacey Haide, Nathan Byrne

2nd year: Chloe Kenna, Sean Casey

1st year: Daniel Akimsanya, Mark Sogoba, Rilwan Gbadamosi, Rachel Kikachukwu

St Ann and Ms Feely called the members to the library and gave the members details about being on the student council.

The following day the student council members were called to the library again in the morning and were given badges. Seniors were given a badge that said student council and juniors were given one that said captain because there were not enough student council badges.

At 2pm a man called Pat Murphy came to the library to hold a student council workshop until 4pm.They played a co-operation game was you had to put the months they were born in an ascending order. Three people were misplaced. Afterwards they voted who would be the: • Chairperson • Secretary • Treasure • PRO(Public Relations Officer)

Timmi Adesanya (who is the head girl) is the chairperson, Damien (the head boy) is the secretary, Timmi Adesanya is the treasurer and D’Angelo Olomide is the PRO.

Pat then allocated the jobs of the chairperson, secretary, treasure and PRO were. He then gave the members of the student council good advice about events, offers and speeches and he also gave them four sheets to put in their folders that Ms Feely gave them. Pat lastly gave the head girl some cards to call out so the rest could think of any way to make the requests better. It was a great afternoon.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the school for the students contact your student council rep!

By Rilwan Gbadamosi (1st Year)