Launch of St. Aidan's Film Club

On the 9th of May Ms Pirrone and Ms Flynn showed a movie called ‘Searching for Bobby Fischer’ to the members of the chess club and to specially invited students.

This film is about a boy named Josh Waitzkin, a gifted young chess player. His parent recognises his gift and gets him a tutor named Bruce Pandolfini. Bruce soon gets upset because josh keeps adopting Vinnie’s moves. His parents take him to a series of competitions in America. Josh is then disheartened because he thinks Jonathon Poe is better than him. Jonathon is also a young gifted chess player who is overconfident and stubborn. Josh wins his way to the grand final and faces Jonathon, they play an intense game but Jonathon makes a mistake and it takes a few minutes for Josh to realise but he sees the mistake and offers Jonathon a draw. Jonathon declines the draw and the game continues until Jonathon realises his mistake and forfeits the game …………..

The film is based on a true story of the ‘life of chess prodigy’.

Over all this was a good film and has a very inspiring story I would recommend this story to people of all ages.

Mark Sogoba and Rilwan Gbadomosi

WraPParound 2016 - University College Cork

Our rap group ‘St. Aidans Boyys ‘participated in WRaPParound 2016 in University College Cork on Thursday, 5th May in the Boole 2 Theatre. The boys preformed their rap ‘Time’ and were a phenomenal success. The audience were invited to get involved and the response was fantastic - everybody was singing and rapping the chorus ‘ Make the most out of everything you have the key to a happy life, from the start of education to your graduation it’s amazing how far we’ve come’.

‘Time’ is about working hard throughout your life to succeed, achieve your goals and live a happy life. As the boys said in their rap, ‘This is your life, so don't be looking at me you control your future and what you want to be’. It was wonderful to see so much success and happiness among the 10 schools taking part in WRaPParound. You can watch the video of their performance below.

Thanks to Garry McCarthy who helped the boys write and perform their rap and a big thanks to the organisers JCSP, Poetry Ireland and PDST. A great day was had by all the boys and they are looking forward to performing at Dublin Culture Night in September and to WRaPParound 2017.

Listen and enjoy ‘St. Aidans Boyys’ rap below.

Rilwan Gbadamosi 1st year

Peace Symbol Mural

Last month we ran a competition to design a peace symbol as part of our Erasmus+ 'Peace of Europe' project. The winner of the competition was Paula Labunaityte in St. Ciara's 5th year class. Using photoshop Paula designed a beautiful symbol which combined old and new peace symbols.

Paula's winning peace symbol

Here is Paula's description of her symbol: 

In this logo you see two combined peace symbols from different times. One of them is the V hand gesture, which represents nowadays, the modern age.

The second symbol - the dove with an olive branch represents the old times.

Also you see the globe. It is the connecting part between all elements, which means world peace. The yellow colour behind represents sunshine, happiness and warmth.

Paula and Aidrienne painted a mural of the symbol on the wall of the canteen. It took them 2 days and they did a fantastic job. The mural looks beautiful and will be there to symbolise and promote peace for years to come! 



Amazing glimpse at virtual reality with Google Expeditions

On the 22nd of March Google came to St Aidans to run their expeditions program. The expeditions are a new product that allows teachers to take their classes on virtual school trips and also giving students a deeper understanding of the world beyond the classroom.

The special Google phones allow students to see a 360 degree photo spheres with 3D images depending on where the pupils tilts their head. This product is annotated with details, points of interest, and questions that make them easy to interrogate. Some schools are already using this product in classrooms. Having experienced one of the virtual reality ‘trips’, Sr. Ann said it was one of those “WOW educational experience for students and teachers”.

The expeditions took place in the library and the Luas Lecture Room. In each room the teacher had a tablet and was able to select a destination (for example ‘Petra’, ‘Space’, ‘Roman Ruins’, ‘Verona: Romeo or Juliet’ or ‘the London Eye’) and all the students could see ‘Petra’ or ‘Space’ on the phone that are contained in cardboard viewers. The Wildlife Conservation Society, the American Museum of Natural History, PBS, the Planetary Society and the Palace of Versailles contributed to developing the curriculum for students. One of our second year students exclaimed that everyone was “amazed at the technology and the destinations - everyone was blown away by how realistic the expeditions were”.

We were thrilled and delighted to be one of just 10 schools to have been selected to take part in the program. 300 lucky students got to experience the expeditions throughout the day. The students and teachers were amazed and everyone said they had not heard as many “ooooh’s and aaaah’s” from everyone! Ms. Sloyan said ‘It’s the most positive experience I have ever had in St. Aidans – the joy on everyone’s face is amazing!!’

Gloria Sogoba & Blessing Edwin
(3rd Year)

'Secrets of Super Hero Science' Book Launch in St. Aidan's!

On Monday, 4th April Barry Fitzgerald launched his amazing new book ‘Secrets of Superhero Science’. This fantastic book revealed the secrets behind superheroes and also Barry’s passion for science fiction. We find the book even more fantastic when we learn that he wrote, edited, published, paid and promoted the book all on his own.

‘Secrets of Superhero Science’ was launched in St. Aidans Community School where the book was reviewed and Barry was interviewed by the student journalists. The book certainly captured the imagination of the students. Barry has been a frequent visitor to our school over the past few years running his Superhero Workshops.

Here are some questions that were asked during the interview:-

  1. What inspired you to write this book?**

I have always loved Superhero’s and as a young boy I wondered what it would be like to have superpowers. As a scientist my curiosity grew and this inspired me to write ‘Secrets of Superhero Science’.

  1. Were any skills other than writing needed for the book?**

Writing a book takes more than writing skills. I had to do an extensive amount of research to get the information needed for this book and to explore today’s science developments. I also had elaborate conversations with other scientists in my field.

  1. Which particular age group is the book aimed at?**

At first I imagined it to be for teenagers (14+) but I found that the later chapters of the book could be of interest to an audience of an older age; however the book could be read by people of all ages.

  1. What does you new book address**?

‘Secrets of Superhero Science’ addresses the science behind superheros and how we could investigate the possibilities of making superpowers a reality. I believe there is more to it then just fiction. Also it shows how interesting and fun investigating the secrets behind superheroes powers can be!

5. Where did you write the book?

I wrote the book on my many train journeys from Eindhoven to Amsterdam in the silent carriage because I found it tranquil. I also wrote sections of the book during a several week holiday in Spain, but also in my home in Eindhoven.

The book launch was a wonderful day for everyone and St. Aidan’s Community School is proud to have been involved. We would like to wish Barry the best with his book and we are delighted that he will back to help us celebrate science during Science Week 2016.

Nathan Mangan, Rachel Kedney and Aishat Alli

Proclamtion Day- St. Aidan's Remembers the 1916 Rising

On 16th March, 2016 St. Aidans Community School participated in the celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic. The famous document which plays in Irish History was read out by one of Ireland’s greatest leaders Patrick Pearse.

St. Aidan’s Community School was one of up to 4,000 primary, post primary schools and third level colleges around Ireland reliving and rejoicing our independence and our efforts in achieving it. On this day we all learned how to respect our country even more than we all ready do.

At 12.30 pm that day Sr. Ann the principal hosted the event starting with an opening speech that touched our hearts. Mr Shortall also gave a speech which was equally effective as he spoke very passionately about the importance of the 1916 rising. Hereafter, Barry…… played the part of Patrick Pearse reading out the Proclamation. It was an excellent reenactment and helped us to clearly imagine Pearse himself reading the proclamation outside the GPO on Easter Monday 1916.

When the proclamation had been read Jake Crabbe did the honours of raising the Irish flag. Jake’s great grandfather fought for Irish independence. He was good friend of Michael Collins and he carried his coffin during his funeral. We used this time to remember those whose lost their lives in order for Ireland to gain independence. Overall it was a great day and a great experience.

There was a raffle afterwards with over 30 prizes! This day truly was a day to remember. Ireland’s history has now become part of St. Aidan’s Community School history!

Aishat Alli
3rd Year St. Laura’s

Student Council Reps Collect Tri-Colour from Croke Park as Part of 1916 Celebrations

On the 8th of February 2016, 3 people from the student council went to Croke Park. Mark, Daniel, and Rilwan went with Miss Fealy and Miss Mc Vicker to Croke Park at 9.15 .

The president Michael D.Higgins was there and spoke at the stadium on the pitch. The Irish flag was raised that day and everyone in the stadium stood up and sang the national anthem. The founder of the Irish flag Thomas Francis Meagher has a great granddaughter who read a speech on the day. Finally one of the three boys went to collect the Irish flag and the proclamation. Mark Sogoba was picked. He collected the flag and proclamation.

Soon afterwards Rilwan,Mark, and Daniel went to McDonalds and then returned to school at 3.45

By Rilwan Gbadamosi (1st Year)

St. Aidan's Students write book, "Cyborg Revolution", for annual Make a Book event

On Wednesday, 9th March the authors and illustrators of ‘Cyborg Revolution’ went to Dublin Civic Offices in town to see their book at the Make A Book 2016 Exhibition.

Cyborg Revolution is a book about artificial intelligence that look exactly like humans. The artificial intelligence is made to help families for example to take care of children, do the cooking, cleaning and driving the children to school. One of the cyborgs turns bad on a day out and begins to control the other cyborgs to try capturing all humans and taking over the world.

The authors worked hard in small teams to write the book ‘Cyborg Revolution’. Many students came up with brilliant ideas to help the book progress. Some of the teams wrote endings for the book but one couldn’t be chosen because they are all too good. The students along side Alan Gibbons, Alan Nolan, Debbie Thomas and Ms.Flynn our school librarian came up with the idea to add the three best endings, which gave the readers the choice of the ending they liked the most.

When we arrived at the civic offices we got a talk from people working in the exhibition. They said to us that at the beginning of the day the students would have our picture taken in a group and then we would have to go find answers to a quiz to win an ipod. Everyone was given a pen and quiz we had to wait for a couple of minutes then we had our pictures taken. After our pictures were taken we went to all of the booths from different schools to find the answers to the quiz. The day was full of excitement and joy. When we had finished we put our quiz into a big box on the way out. When we got on the bus Ms.Flynn and the other teachers brought us to McDonalds and the cinema to see ‘Goosebumps’ as a treat. Everyone had a great day and are grateful to Ms. Flynn for letting get being involved in the exhibition. We are also very delighted with the Art Department and the illustrators for helping us with the book – fantastic artwork!

By Sean Casey
2nd Year St. Martha’s

First Year Soccer Team Still School Heroes after 1-0 defeat to Colaiste Choilm

Our U14’s 1st year boys soccer team played in the Leinster Cup final today 15th march as they took on Colaiste Choilm, Swords in Leixlip.They created history being the first ever 1st year team to play in a first year leinster cup final

As the ref blew the whistle the St Aidan’s fans created a great atmosphere as they cheered on the boys in white and green. It was clear they were desperate to bring the cup back to St Aidans.
The U14’s started off the game positively as they played some good, patient football. The ball was being played out to the right hand side where Stanley Raymond was playing. St Aidan’s first impact on the game was to get past the full back multiple times with great pace and ambition but the chances came to nothing. Adnaan Mustapha was also making a good impact on the game pinging balls left, right and centre, controlling the game.

Swords got a free kick at the edge of the box which looked very promising. It was indeed promising but Swords were unlucky, striking the ball well with a great free kick. They unfortunately hit the crossbar.

The Aidan’s boys marched on hoping to kill the other team’s spirit. The ref blew the whistle as the first half came to an end.

Both teams came out for the second half determined and focused on winning the game and some great football was played with St Aidans getting on top and limiting swords to very few chances in the second period.It seemed only a matter of time before St Aidans would get a chance as they were on top.
With ten minutes left in the game Mr Tunney and Mr O’ Brien decided that it was time to bring on subs as they brought on Adam Bennett and Emmanuel Upkai. Bennett made a real impact and he was soon one on one with the swords keeper. He shot but the keeper saved and then another player from Swords, with great skill, cleared the ball off the line.This would prove to be a crucial moment in the game.

In the last 5 minutes of the game Aidan’s got a corner that was wipped into the box but it was cleared. Out of nowhere Swords counter attacked from the Aidan’s corner and Dunne was left with two versus one. Aidan’s threw men forward to get the goal. Then the swords striker did a fake shot and Dunne dived in. The striker shot and Aidan’s goalkeeper, Callum Lambert, pulled off a great save but another Swords player was there waiting for the rebound and scored. Aidan’s still marched on but the game ended 1-0 to Swords.

Overall, it was a good day for Aidans as they played some exquisite football but unfortunately they couldn’t create any chances to put Swords away.

Up to this point he team had been unbeaten all season. This is an unbelievable feat and the staff and students of St. Aidan's are so proud of the team in getting to finals of the Leinster Cup. Mr. O Brien and Mr. Tunney have been their fantastic managers throughout the season and have consistently praised the dedication and committment of the team. Next up is the League Final and the whole school will be behind the lads again. Well done to all involved!!

By Tobi Adesanya (5th Year)

Trip to "The Importance of Being Earnest" at The Gate Theatre

One the 27th of January all of St. Matthews second year class , Ms. O’Reilly , Ms. Farrelly , and Ms. Sugrue all went to the Luas stop at Citywest at 11 O’clock. We were on our way into town to go see the play “ The Importance of Being Earnest “ by Oscar Wilde an Irish writer . It was a great fun-filled day out. The play was on in the Gate Theatre at 2:30. We are studying the play for our Junior Cert next year. Patrick Masen was the director.

We got off at the Ard Museum stop to go into the Collins Barracks. We walked around the museum for about 20-25 minutes we saw the Proclamation of Independence. It is only 1 in 100 of the originals.
When all of us were done we went back to the Luas stop and went to Abbey Street to get food before the play. We went into Subway and the rest of the class went to McDonald’s. When we got our subway we followed our classmates to McDonald’s.

We still had about a half an hour until we had to go to The Gate. We all went to the Garden of Remembrance . It was beautiful. Everyone was taking pictures and having fun. As we passed the ‘Gate Theatre’ to go to the Garden of Remembrance Kayleigh said, “Miss! There’s The Gate!’. It was funny at the time because she was pointing at a gate!!

When we got to The Gate it was a very fancy theatre. The play was divided into 3 acts. The first was 45 minutes long, then a 15 minute break, then 55 minute section, a 5 minute break and the last part was 30 minutes long. All of the actors played their parts very well and the props and costumes were also great. I really enjoyed it. All the characters did amazingly, it was better than I had imagined!

After it was over we all made our way to the Luas. I had an amazing day with all the class. Thanks to Ms. O Reilly, Ms. Farrelly and Ms. Sugrue.

By Jessica Carey (2nd Year)

1916 Rising Walking Tour

On the 30th of November 2015, Ms.Sloyan's 5th year religion class and Ms. Tully's 6th year history class attended a 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour around Dublin's City Centre as part of their studies and their Erasmus Plus project.

The students met at Trinity College and spoke with their tour guide Lorcan Collins, who apart from doing several tours on a daily basis all year round, has also written books about the Easter Risingsuch as, The Easter Rising ­ A Guide to Dublin in 1916. The students then proceeded to visit relevant sites associated with the Rebellion in Dublin and were given a brief summary of the events which occured at each location during 1916. These were places such as, The GPO (General Post Office) which served as the headquarters of the uprising's leaders and was where the Proclamation of the Republic was first read out by Patrick Pearse in 1916. They were also brought to Moore Street which is were the irish soldiers retreated to O'Hanlon's Fish Shop to hide and negotiate surrender.

Lorcan was a brilliant guide and all the students found the day enjoyable and extrememly interesting and informative, despite the heavy rain. I definitey recommend the 1916 Rebellion Walking Tour to anyone interested in history or finding out more about the Rising.

Written by Rachel Kedney (5th Year)

St. Aidan's Triumph at Inter-School Chess Competition

On Friday, 25th February, 2016 twelve students from St. Aidans Community School and twelve students St. Kevin’s Community College took part in an inter school Chess Tournament. The tournament was hosted by St. Aidans and we were delighted to be victorious.

The students from each school participated in the professional chess tournament which lasted thirty minutes. There were twelve different tables, one player from each school played against each other. The winner from each table was identified by the Chess master, Charles Herbert at the end of the thirty minute game. The player with the most points was the winner of the game. The winning school was determined by the number of wins for each set of players. St. Aidans won 8 : 4 It was a fun and enjoyable experience for the members of both schools. We can’t wait for the next inter school tournament and the National Chess Tournament in the Hilton Hotel Dublin in April ‘let the games begin!’.

Winnie Imasuen 3rd Year St. Laura’s

First Year Soccer Team Beat Kilcoole 3-0 to Reach Leinster Finals!!

We've only gone and done it!!!

Yesterday, in cold conditions, the first year soccer lads recorded yet another victory, on this occasion, it was the semi final of the Leinster first year competition. We beat Kilcoole of Wicklow 3-0. This latest triumph now puts us into a final in the next few weeks against a very tough opponent in the shape of Colaiste na hInse hailing from Swords, who recorded a comprehensive 5-1 victory in their respective semi final.

This is a huge deal!! This is the final of the Leinster!! We have had a long line of success on the sporting field in this school and this achievement, even though we haven't won anything yet, without doubt, adds to our impressive sporting tradition and history.

The lads, attitude, skill and behavior was impeccable,as always, with this particular team. The manager of their team made that point in a very complementary speech to us after the match had ended. We won't single players out as we believe all the lads on the panel have contributed significantly in this march to the final.

It's been a wonderful journey with a great bunch of lads and hopefully, fingers and toes crossed etc, the best is yet to come.

Well done to the frist year Soccer team and the dream team management duo of Mr. O Brien and Mr. Tunney.

5th Year LCA "Celebrities" Art Exhibition

5th year LCA class, St. Endas, have exhibited some of their wonderful artwork in the library this week. Their exhibition, entitled 'Celebrities', is a part of their LCA course work and has been a big hit with the teachers and students in the school.

Well done to all in St. Endas and their teacher Ms. Biselle

St. Aidan's Yellow Flag Renewed

Congratulations to the Yellow Flag committee whose continued work and dedication to Interculturalism and Diversity secured our schools yellow flag for another two years!

Sara Russell from the yellow flag programme along with Mary Cassidy visited the school in October to review the work continued since the flag was originally awarded 2 years ago. They were delighted with the progress and commitment of the school to the programme and we received word in December we were to receive the flag again!

St. Aidan's Yellow Flag Committee

Student Council Elections

On November the 6th 2015 the student council elections started. Ms Feely held the election. Classes from 1st year to 5th year were called to the hall with their teacher to vote for the person they thought would be suitable for the student council. They were given papers with the candidates name on it. Candidates could vote to. After they voted they were sent back to class.

On November the 9th 2015 the members of the student council was called out on the intercom from 6th year to 1st year in this order:
6th year: Damien Howard, Jimmy Adesanya, Jason Lester, Kayleigh Dennis

5th year: Linda Tansey, Ian Mahany, Jacob Ebenezer

3rd year: D’Angelo Olomide, Stacey Haide, Nathan Byrne

2nd year: Chloe Kenna, Sean Casey

1st year: Daniel Akimsanya, Mark Sogoba, Rilwan Gbadamosi, Rachel Kikachukwu

St Ann and Ms Feely called the members to the library and gave the members details about being on the student council.

The following day the student council members were called to the library again in the morning and were given badges. Seniors were given a badge that said student council and juniors were given one that said captain because there were not enough student council badges.

At 2pm a man called Pat Murphy came to the library to hold a student council workshop until 4pm.They played a co-operation game was you had to put the months they were born in an ascending order. Three people were misplaced. Afterwards they voted who would be the: • Chairperson • Secretary • Treasure • PRO(Public Relations Officer)

Timmi Adesanya (who is the head girl) is the chairperson, Damien (the head boy) is the secretary, Timmi Adesanya is the treasurer and D’Angelo Olomide is the PRO.

Pat then allocated the jobs of the chairperson, secretary, treasure and PRO were. He then gave the members of the student council good advice about events, offers and speeches and he also gave them four sheets to put in their folders that Ms Feely gave them. Pat lastly gave the head girl some cards to call out so the rest could think of any way to make the requests better. It was a great afternoon.

If you have any suggestions on how to improve the school for the students contact your student council rep!

By Rilwan Gbadamosi (1st Year)

Gasice Award Ceremony

On Wednesday 4th of October 2015, the Gaisce bronze and silver awards were given out to all the pupils who took part in the initiative last year.

That evening started out by Sr.Ann greeting the parents and the students at the main entrance. From there the pupils brought their parents up to the B/C link to where the Gaisce ceremony was being held. The ceremony started at roughly 8 o’clock. Ms O’Connor started the ceremony by welcoming the parents and the Gaisce students. Sr.Ann was called up to speak to the parents. Timmi Adesanya and Darrell McCarthy gave a speeches about their time participating in the Gaisce programme. Their speeches told about their experiences & how Gaisce got them involved in new things & helped them to make them make friends with students in their year and with students from other years.

After the speeches all the bronze students who completed the walk were called up to receive their bronze award, then the silver participants were given their award. After the ceremony was finished the parents were invited down to the canteen for refreshments and a slice of cake.

Overall the Gaisce award night was a wonderful and enjoyable experience. Well done to all the students who took part and were rewarded for their great efforts for the night. Thank you to Ms. O Connor for co-ordinating Gasice in the school!

By Darrell McCarthy (5th Year)

6th Year Geography Field Trips to Glendalough

On the 9th and 10th of November the 6th year students, as part of their leaving cert Geography, went on a field study trip to Glendalough.

The trip consisted of measuring the different heights and distances of the steep parts of the mountains using equipment such as clinometers. They also got to admire the view that Glendalough has to offer while taking part in their work. It is a nice way for students to focus on their studies while being relaxed.

The weather on Monday was terrible it was heavily raining and there, was strong winds, but that didn’t stop the 6th year students of St. Aidan’s Community school from getting their work done with such determination and dedication to their subject. All in all the students had a wonderful time enjoying the scenery and doing their work which benefits them physically and mentally.

Thanks to Ms. Sugrue and Ms. Douglas for organising it and to Ms. Murphy for braving the rain to help out!

Ryan Coomber, 6th Year