Chaplain's Corner

Chaplain’s Corner


There was a man taking a morning walk on the beach. He saw that along with the morning tide came hundreds of starfish and when the tide receded, they were left behind and in the morning sun rays, they would die. The tide was fresh and the starfish were alive. The man took a few steps, picked one and threw it into the water. He did that repeatedly. Right behind him there was another person who couldn't understand what this man was doing. He caught up with him and asked, "What are you doing? There are hundreds of starfish. How many can you help? What difference does it make?" This man did not reply, took two more steps, picked up another one, threw it into the water, and said, "It makes a difference to this one."

What difference are we making? Big or small, it does not matter. If everyone made a small difference, we'd end up making a big difference!

You can make a difference this week by helping us with our Yellow Flag Programme. It is a programme to encourage diversity in our school. We need a parent to sit on our committee once a month so if you are interested, please let myself Mr. Kevin Shortall know. Or if you have any other ideas about how we can make a difference, let me know.