Mind the Gap- Talk by Migrants Rights Centre Ireland (MRCI)

On Tuesday 7th May, Helen Lowry of the Migrants Rights Centre of Ireland came to St. Aidan's to give a talk to our 2nd, 5th and 6th years.

Helen spoke about the gaps that exist in Ireland's immigration laws which mean that up to 700 young, migrant students in Ireland do not have access to 3rd level education without paying massively high fees. This is despite the fact that these students' parents are Irish citizens, that they grew up in Ireand, went to primary and secondary school here and consider Ireland home.

The current situation represents a missed opportunity for young people to make a valuable contribution to Ireland’s future and economic recovery. We need to enable our talented and dynamic young people to progress in education so they can integrate and participate actively in Irish society.

This issue affects a number of St. AIdan's own students directly and means that some of our hard working and dedicated students who want to go to college will be unable to due to restrictively high fees (around €8000) a year. 

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