Visit from the Cathaoirleach- Mayor of South Dublin.

On the 15th of May 2013, the Mayor Cathal King visited St Aidan’s CS. St Ciara’s welcomed him into our school and Danile Oladeji presented him with a speech about C.S.P.E. This speech explained what C.S.P.E is about, what we learned from it, why it is important and how we benefit from it.

The Cathaoirleach was very impressed with the speech. The Cathaoirleach then told us a bit about himself, his job, his rights and responsibilities, the community and his political party.

The Cathaoirleach’s name is Cathal King. He is the Mayor of South Dublin County Council. Cathal King represents the Sinn Fein party. In his past, he represented Brookfield. Today he is responsible for things such as road planning and building. Cathal King set up a football pitch for the youth in Deer Park as they got into trouble because of boredom. The Cathaoirleach works full time. Every year a new mayor is elected. Cathal King is also involved with The Amplyfying Voices. These are a group of teens aged 12-17 who are involved in helping the community. When asked about his job, the mayor said it is a privilage, enyoyable and time consuming . The different parties co-operate with each other for the benefit of the community.

To become a mayor you need to get 20% or more of the votes. Many people wonder what motivated Cathal King to become mayor well, this is what he said: As a young lad, he was born and raised in Tallaght. His father was a republican adn his mother was very interested in politics. Growing up in Tallaght he saw many problems such as drinking in the community. He noticed that Sinn Fein took steps to sort out this issue. He was inspired by them and got elected in 2004. Now, he is the mayor of South Dublin County Council. His favourite part of being mayor is meeting new people adn experiencing new things. For Cathal King being a mayor was an opportunity rather than a dream. He still enjoys his job. St Ciara’s class got invited to visit the chamber next term. We look forward to seeing the Cathaiorleach again!

By Mei Lee Xu (1st year, St. Ciaras)

With thanks to camera woman Rachel Kednay (1st Year, St. Ciaras)