Intercultural Week- Film festival

Our film festival ran from Mon-Thursday 25th -28th Feb. These are the films we watched: 'Hotel Rwanda' was about civil war Rwanda. 'Skin' was about prejudice in South Africa. 'The Kite Runner' was a life about prejudice in Afghanistan. 'Sending Yatha Back' was a documentary about deportation, filmed by the students and Miss O’Brien.

The films were very unusual. I have never seen films like these before. Everyone was sad for the main characters that had very hard lives. Some students said:

“ I really felt sorry for them because they had no rescue, and I learned that colour does not matter everyone needs security”. - Jeanne

“I think this film means something. When you watch some films you get nothing but this was great. Excellent movie, awesome story”.- Daniel

We are very lucky in Ireland because we live in a democracy and life is stable for us.

Dylan Salinger (1st Year, St. Lucys)