Beat the Blues Workshop

On Wednesday, The Justice and Peace group as well as the Anti-Bullying group, were all granted the privilege of meeting, Alan, from Aware Ireland. Alan came in to speak to us about depression and helped us to become aware of what depression is.

We learned that one in every ten people could suffer from depression. That is roughly two students from each class that could be suffering of depression. This is a huge problem.

We learned that not everyone that is not only people who appear sad and depressed who could be suffering depression, but it could also be happy bubbly people as well. We were learning the symptoms of depression and we were told of people who should be depressed, but live life to the fullest.

We learned that because everyone is different and has different views on life, that people react to different scenarios differently to someone else. We were shown a video and people all responded to it differently.

This workshop went of for an hour and a half and it was very fun as Alan interacted with us and made us all involved and laugh. Ms. Tierney had arranged this meeting for us to help us gain our yellow flag.

We learned a lot about depression in a fun and interactive way.

By Jenessa Scott