St. Catherines- Trip to the Irish Film Institute (I.F.I.)

Ms.O'Reilly's 3rd year St.Catherines went on a trip to the Irish Film Institute in Temple Bar last Thursday, February 21st.

The class went to see Bridge To Terabithia (directed by Gabor Cuspo). This movie has been the film/script that they have studied for their Mocks and will be for their upcoming Junior Cert. Exam. It is about a boy who is struggling in all aspects of his relationships, but gained a new friend who understood and appreciated him. They come up with a place they could escape to, where their troubles at home and school could be left behind.Together, they create a magical kingdom solely from their imagination.

The lady who brought the students into the cinema introduced what they were about to see and elaborated on which parts they should pay attention more to. She explained about the point of views of each character and how the different relationships should develop further into the film. She also talks about the tragedy that happens and what effect that has on the main protagonist.

Seeing this on the big screen made all of the students interested, even though they've seen the film a couple of times in their classroom already. Some have even noticed details from the movie that they haven't paid attention to before.

After the movie, they went on a break to eat lunch at McDonalds. They walked around Grafton Street while waiting for their bus. They were also very entertained with the man in a gorilla suit and a few silver moving statues. The end of the day consisted of laughs and they all had a wonderful time.

Thank you to Ms.O'Reilly and Ms.McVicker for being great and making an effort to take the students out.

By Alessandra Diosanta (3rd Year, St.Catherines)