Trip to see Romeo and Juliet

On the 29th of January St.Kevins and St.Pauls went to see Romeo and Juliet in the Helix. It was worth while because the acting demonstrated was fantastic. The actors had to pile on different characters and personas. It was fascinating to see how they changed from one character to another in a matter of seconds. Most of the characters were girls but played men very well. The emotions came out and made they play even more realistic and exciting to watch.

It was even more enjoyable to watch the mistakes live. Most people enjoyed the nurse's acting. She was quite funny and did well in all her parts played. She fell while walking down the stairs but she made a good enough recovery and continued with the performance. You couldn’t tell if it was part of the scene or an accident because she kept in character, although Juliet began to giggle.

Everyone enjoyed how the play was modern and as Miceala Harrison exclaimed “It was great the performance, between Romeo and Juliet”. Karl Quinn played various roles, such as Paris, Mercutio & Montague. He played all roles better then most, he really convinced us he was that character. He’s really talented & was probably the most entertaining character to watch. He kept everyone amused while playing Mercutio, made people surprised while he played Paris and everyone was pleased when he played Montague. He has acted in other plays and shows like Hamlet, Macbeth & Julius Caeser.

Most of the girls thought Romeo was good looking though! He interacted with the audience as he performed which made it even funnier to watch, like you were part of the play. We all enjoyed it and would definitely see it again!

Special thanks to Ms.Flynn, Ms.Carey & Ms.O’Reilly for taking us, we appreciate it loads. And thank you to Miceala for helping me write this.

Timmi Adesanya 2nd Year (St.Kevins).