Young Social Innovators Update


The young social innovators (YSI) believe that young people are powerful and largely untapped force for change in their society. This is what the YSI group in our school have been doing lately.

Flag making We wanted all people to feel welcome in our school so we made flags of the world and they are on display as people walk into our school.

Chaplain’s door & notice board The chaplain decorated the office door with symbols of other religions and a rainbow flag to show that we are all different. Our overall theme this year was to focus on education.

*Native woodland trust * As a group we decided we would apply for 30 free trees from the native woodland trust. We felt it would be a good idea as it would bring beauty to our school

Cake day There was a cake day for people to help a little girl who was diagnosed with leukaemia. The staff was very happy to be involved with the cake day.

By: Paula Noonan (2nd Year, St. Colemans)   

Just some of the international flags in our school foyer