St. Aidan's Students Win Big at the MYPA Awards

At the  Multi-Cultural Young Persons awards (M.Y.P.A.) St. Aidans’ students were a hit!

St Aidan's won 3 awards. Our brilliant music group, Le Cheile, took the ‘Best Music Group’ award, 3rd year student, Shane Harvey, won an Outstanding Contribution to Music award and Agne Storkute one of last year’s extremely talented art students won an an Outstanding Contribution to Art award.

The night itself was brilliant. On the bus there was singing, joking and a whole lot of laughing. At the awards everyone who was there had great craic and the atmosphere was excellent! Not a single person misbehaved and everyone was really impressed with our school.

The Le Chéile  preformed three songs: The Script’s ‘Hall of Fame’, Adele’s ‘Rolling in the Deep’ and Little Mix’s ‘Wings’. Of course, every one loved us!

There were five schools there including us, one from as far away as Antrim but some where as close as Mount Seskin. St Aidan’s were the loudest most excited school there and we did ourselves proud!

There was a fashion show which showed off lots of different styles and glamour.One dress was a mix between African, animal print and modern day Irish design. All these outfits were made by a young college student studying design.

All in all the M.Y.P.A awards were brilliant fun and there was never a dull moment.

Thanks to all who took part especially Ms. Maloney, Ms. Tully and Ms. Biselle.

By Danielle McLoughlin (3rd Year, St. Pauls)

Video of Le Cheile performing 'Wings' at

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