A read-a-thon that took place on the 6th December in the the library. It was an excellent day for all and was organised by Ms. Flynn, the librarian, who was also eager to read. 

The read-a-thon was a day in which everyone involved had to read for a total of twelve hours! Students came into school at 7.30 am and did not leave until 7.30 that evening. Breakfast, lunch and dinner were provided courtesy of Ms. Flynn. Sausages in the morning, pizza at lunch and some chips in the evening. 

People were very eager to get reading, not just in St. Aidan's but in other schools as well. We skyped a student who was taking part in the read-a-thon in the Philippines. Many other schools taking part in the day read for twenty-four hours and even stayed over night in their schools! 

The day wasn't plain sailing but that was over come by the amount of reading that was done by St. Aidan's pupils. Some students read over three hundred pages while some read six books! 

The day was truly amazing and every one involved really enjoyed it.

By Janessa Scott (3rd year, St. Pauls)