Rap Workshop (Including Links to the Tracks)

Our school has many events and the rap workshop on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th Dec was a brilliant one! Ms. Tully asked students who wanted to take part in the workshop and their names were put on a list to join in and make rap music. A rapper named Garry McCarthy, from Cork, came to our school for two days and taught the students about the different elements of rap, how rap started, how to make your own beats and how to start off writing your own raps.

The students who attended the rap workshop were: Senise Dos Santos, Timmi Adesanya, Megan Butler, David Oladeji, Tyrick Thsoma, Luke Akinwande, Conor Murphy, Anthony Nwajaki, Damian Howard, Fawaz Sulamion, Idriss Mulenga Jeanne Bekumbo and Shane Harvey. These students were divided in to two groups so they could each put write their own lyrics and add beats to their raps.

Before the students started recording their raps they were told about the foundations of rap, how they could express themselves through rap and how passionate rap can be. Then Garry McCarthy rapped from his album for the students just to them started and the students who were taking part performed some raps themselves.

After they had shown off what they were made of, they were divided into their groups. Each group of students put their own words into their rap to express themselves. Then they were separated so Garry, the rapper, could work with them individually and see what worked for each person. Each person recorded their own part and by the end of the day the students were finished writing and preparing their raps.

On Friday morning the students started to record their raps and the end results were amazing! The workshop was a great experience for everyone who took part and everyone agreed that the days had been brilliant and really good fun.

By Beatrix Ajetunmobi (3rd Year, St. Catherines)

Listen to the raps on the player below. We  have some seriously talented students!!!