St. Francis L.C.A. Class Hosts Basketball Tournament

A basketball tournament took place on Monday 26th November in the PE hall. It was organised by the 5th year LCA class, St. Francis, as part of there General Education Task. The tournament was organised by the students in Ms. Dunne's Irish class and Ms. Keirnan's PE class. The 1st years played and it was a wonderful experience for the students as they enjoyed it very much.

Five teams took place in the group stage and only four made it in the semi-finals.

The final was between the Black and Green teams and the Black team won the tournament despite the obvious referee favouring the Green! They even received a penalty shots but missed both. The Black team also had the best player Tobi Adesanya carrying them to the trophy. He said at the end of the match that "I feel very happy knowing that we won the tournament and I could not do it without my team mates."

Miss Keirnan thanked everybody at the end of the tournament for their involvment and said that "It was a pleasure to watch everybody enjoying themselves and behaving very well".

I can say myself that it was a great pleasure to watch the teams playing their own style and I am hoping that in the future more events such as this will happen. Football, basketball or any other sport is a great way to create new connections between students and let them show their skills.

Thanks to Ms. Keirnan, Ms. Dunne and all of St. Francis.

By Mihai Ploestenau (5th Year, St. Brigids)