Sixth Year Students attend I.T. Tallaght Open Day


On the 15th of November students from St. Aidan’s, along with many other schools around Dublin and beyond, went to the Institute of Technology Tallaght (I.T.T.) open day. It was a long and busy day in the college as students walked around trying to find out more about the college and what it had to offer .There were many courses on display such as computing, creative digital media and engineering.

The I.T. was so full that every now and then you had no choice but to step out for some fresh air! It was indeed a hectic day but the students of the I.T.T. were very welcoming and helpful and were willing to answer all our questions with a smile.

It was a very useful excursion, especially if you are interested in studying something in technology. However, there were also many courses as well. This year I.T.T. is celebrating its 20th anniversary and it was clear from the open day why the college has been a popular choice for 20 years now.

Students were more than welcome to make an appointment and come back again to discuss courses and career options.

By Anna Sealemeste (6th Year, St. Ignatius)