St Catherine's Trip to Dublin Zoo...

Today 19th April 2012, St Catherine's, second year class from St Aidans Community school took a trip to Dublin Zoo for their C.S.P.E Action Project.  They went specifically to look at the Snow Leopards and the Gorillas as the whole project was based on endangered animals.

The Gang in front of the Zoo...

The class left the school at 10 a.m this morning, they got the bus into Dublin Zoo as they arrived the FM104 radio crew was outside giving out free jellies, the class got in a picture, already the day was starting off pretty well for the second years.

When the class entered the Zoo each student was handed a map, the adventure was about to begin.  The children and the teachers had a few hours to browse around and view the amazing animals, it was fascinating looking at the different types of animals there was a great range of animals to view from the sea-lions to the red panda (firefox) each animal had something special to view.

The students and the teachers got to the centre of the Zoo where there were reptile houses, bird houses, family farm and shops.  It was then lunch time and they had half an hour to browse around these places by themselves.  When the thirty minutes were up the students and the teachers went to the family farm and viewed the billy goats, sheep and pigs, after that it was time for everyone to go to the education centre.

When the students were settled, they were given 4 or 5 photos of animals, the students had to pick one picture and talk about it, they had to nominate one student from each group to stand up and explain why they choose that certain photo.  After that it was time to go back out to the animals with a guide who explained information about the animals their habitats, what food they had and what country they originally came from, it was very interesting.

The students took lots of pictures, and really had a great time, they were blessed with the weather, it wasn't too hot or too cold, it was just mild and dry all day, the overall experience of the day at Dublin Zoo was brilliant everyone had smiles on their faces the whole way home!!

By Chloe Williams.